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4 Reasons Why Building a Bottled Water Manufacturing Plant in India is an Excellent Idea

The constant growth of the population and the continuous development of the industrial world have caused a negative effect on our environment which affected both the air and water. Today, tap water is no longer as safe for drinking as during the last few decades. This is primarily due to the abundant amount of various kinds of contaminants and other harmful chemicals that are present in our water sources in India today. This is one of the main reasons why many people are now turning to bottled mineral water for safer drinking water.

If you are currently looking forward to putting up your own business in India, starting a bottled water manufacturing company is a smart idea. But why should you consider opening a mineral water business? Here are a few reasons why:

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High Market Demand

Everybody needs water in order to live and survive. And because it is indispensable, the demand for safe drinking water is always increasing. This is why opening a water business is considered as a good investment.

Very High Profit Margin

The primary raw material that you need to have in order to operate a bottled water manufacturing plant is water which is generally readily available for free. You can either get the water from the local water supplier or generate your own supply by drilling and setting up your own borehole. Once you already have completely set up a borehole, you can expect to have a steady water supply which you can recycle, clean, and use for your water business.

The other main production materials you needs are the labels and bottles. These materials can be purchased in the local marketplace in bulk at lower prices. With less costly production and raw materials, as well as lower labor, production, distribution and marketing cost, and with high market demand, you will surely enjoy a very high profit margin.

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Promote Health Consciousness Awareness

People are now getting vigilant about what they drink and eat. They are now aware of the importance of drinking clean water and eating healthy food in avoiding common health issues such as shorter lifespan, obesity, typhoid, and cancer. By opening a bottled water business, you will not merely supply the needs of the people, you can as well contribute to the promotion of health consciousness awareness campaign of the government.

Create Job Opportunities For People

The bottled water industry in India is certainly not just a one man business. You will normally need to employ enough number of people who can hep you in the bottled water production process. From cleaning the containers or bottles to operating the production machines, from loading the distribution or delivery trucks to distributing the bottled water, and from marketing to accounting, every step and every task need enough workforce. Starting a business will not only help you gain profits, but it will as well help create job opportunities for people.

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If you are planning to put up a water plant but you think competing with bigger water bottling plant manufacturers in India seem to be extremely difficult at the moment, you can try to establish your own brand in your locality first. Once you already have established a good reputation and brand image, you can then decide to expand your business to cater a larger market.