What Do You Think Before Starting A Packaged Drinking Water Plant

The biggest key to business – “Never find customers for your products, find products for your customers” One such business venture that is running extremely successful these days is the water business. Yes, one can say packaged drinking water or set up a mineral water plant has proven to be really successful in the past few years. This business still continues to be successful but if you are planning on setting up a packaged drinking water, then there are many things that come to your mind first.


You must have done your research and sensed the beautiful business opportunity. But it is not the packaged water plant that has got all your attention, it is the fact that there is an overall opportunity in the field of water, which has fascinated you. However, when you actually go up to open or set up a mineral water plants, there are hundreds of questions that bother you.

The very first question that will always come to your mind will be is it worth setting up a mineral water plant and what will the mineral water plant actually cost. Yes, these questions are worth but trust us demand mineral water is growing day by day and if you are practically worried about the package drinking water plant cost, then remember today there are various types of different mineral water plants available depending on your budget.

Your next concern would be about the resources and the certifications required. Here, remember to do thorough research about the resources and check up the various requirements of the certifications. As per the government law, remember certifications are compulsory, so it is very important to get the necessary certifications.

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New business definitely looks scary and full of risks but remember only after hard work success is earned, so if you feel that you need assistance remember there are many institutes who offer training when it comes to the mineral water business. So just, keep calm, think positive and go ahead with your water business venture.


Planning To Open A New Packaged Drinking Water Plant In India – Get the FSSAI/ BIS Certification

Drinking water is a necessity and it is not always safe to drink the tap water. Therefore one prefers having bottled water. Bottled water is safe due to its packing and durability. But every coin has two sides, things that have health health advantages, sometimes even have many disadvantages.


Today having a packaged drinking water plant seems a good business proposition but before getting into this blooming business, one needs to know many things including the various certifications needed from the government and how to follow the standard set of rules and procedures.

One of the most important things is having the FSSAI certification mark. The FSSAI when abbreviated says “Food Safety and Standards Authority of India”. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India is the Administrative Ministry for the implementation of FSSAI.


FSSAI certification mark is very important and FSSAI has been mandated by the FSS Act for various yet very important tasks. One of the major tasks is to promote general awareness about food safety and food standards. Other than this the body also collects and collates data regarding food and water consumption, incidence and prevalence of biological risk, contaminants in food or water, residues of various, contaminants in foods and water products, identification of emerging risks and introduction of rapid alert system.

Recently FSSAI has declared that enforcement activities will be stepped up on unauthorized manufacture and sale of packaged drinking water. This is because FSSAI has received a number of reports about the large extent of Food Business Operators that are engaged in manufacturing and sale of packaged water that does not have FSSAI or BIS certification marks. Now you know if you planning to open up a packing drinking water plant, you cannot give FSSAI certification mark a miss. Today when you planning up to open a packaged drinking water plant you need to know that packaged drinking water comes under the category of “food”. It is essentially potable water which is processed and packaged as drinking water in a water manufacturing plant.  Before applying for FSSAI license you need a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification.

Packaged drinking water plant business today is blooming. However one must remember that the water has direct effect on one’s health and therefore it is very important to follow guidelines. That is why it is very important to follow the guidelines laid by both by the FSSAI and BIS. BIS certificate is granted only after water test reports from an NABL certified laboratory finds the water to be within the BIS limits for microbiological, physical and chemical contaminants and only then one can get a FSSAI license. The process is not difficult and it ensures that you are doing no harm to anyone’s health when you manufacture packaged drinking water.

Things to consider before buying a water plant?

Today mineral water industry is blooming. Water manufacturing plans are being bought up and sold daily. Today the bottled water trend can be seen everywhere. Then let it be in the hospitality industry, business events or celebration and parties. Many new entrepreneurs have come up in the market for this business development and they are doing happily well. So are you the next mineral water entrepreneur and looking for water plant for sale, then we might just be the right ones to guide you.

bottled water plant

Water manufacturing business seems quite easy and it usually is but when you look deeper there are big hardships involved and your business can bloom only if you pass these hardships. So here we are to your rescue. We have mineral water plant for sale which can be bought and would be beneficial too. However while buying any plant there are few things which need to be taken into consideration.

A water plant cannot have just one machinery; there are various machineries and only combination of these machineries can bring fruitful results. There are sections when you install a water plant like the water treatment sector, the bottle manufacturing area, the bottle filling area, quality control or better known as laboratory for testing and many more. Therefore it is every important to know what kind of machinery would be needed and how you would be taking your business further.

There are many sellers out in the market who provide various budgets for various equipment or machinery and you need to select among from these sellers. Many times it happens that a seller doesn’t have all the machinery but only a few or just some parts individually, while some sellers have everything for your need. If you plan on buying different machinery from different sellers then you need to have time for proper follow ups with every individual seller until the machinery is delivered and even after then. However, if you plan on buying everything from one seller then things can be little easy but you have to choose the correct seller.

packaged- drinking- water-plant

Process And Requirements
If planning to open a water manufacturing plant, one must need to the process and your requirements whether you plan on just bottled water, or want to go for pouch packing or even further to jars. In other words one must be aware as to how is the water treated. If you do not know this you and your business might just be in a fix. But here we are and we will explain you the process. The process is just of three simple steps – Raw water first enters into the system, it gets treated and purified in the combination of various machines and finally the mineral water is ready for consumption. After the process one must be very thorough on what are his requirements and accordingly buy machines. Just bottled water would require bottle manufacturing and bottle filling machine, while pouch packs and jar water may require more.

Water Plant manufacturing industry is blooming worldwide these days. But when you plan on being an entrepreneur in this industry there are various things you need to consider and then only your business would touch the skies of success.

Know More About The Turnkey System In The Mineral Water Plant

Due to the increasing pollution, the water becomes very dirty and impure that can be very harmful to using directly. The clean and pure water is necessary for not only drinking but also for the food processing. All mineral water companies, food, and beverage industries require mineral water for their daily processing. For this reason, most of the industries install their own mineral water plant to process on the raw water and make it pure.

packaged drinking water plant
Do you also want to install this plant in your industry? Then first understand how the plant works and produce clean water. Then after you should contact any reliable company offering the highest-quality services for this and also ask about the mineral water plant cost. If you install the plant according to the turnkey system, then you can get the high-quality result. Therefore, you should appoint the company that offers the plant using this system.

What Is Turnkey Project System?

waste water plant

Turnkey System – Mineral Water Plant

In the turnkey project, the raw water having impurities and contamination is directly processed in the water purification system. The water purification system removes all the contaminants and impurities from the water and makes it completely clean and pure. After this purification process, the packing process takes place. In this process, you can pack the water in different sizes of bottles, pouches, and jars.

If you have mineral water company and want the bottled water, then you must get an estimation of mineral water plant cost from any famous company. At the time, you contact any company offering these services you should check their services and products in detail. Along with the purification technique, you should also pay attention to the plant products, and various accessories used in this treatment.

Some companies also manufacture the accessories which are required for the execution of the disinfection, pre-treatment, and filtration processes. Whenever you want to know the mineral water plant cost, you out to contact such companies. The main benefit of choosing such companies is you’ll get the top-quality products as well as the best maintenance services. you can find such a company just by doing a little search on the internet.

The Indian Ion Exchange (Bottling India) is a renowned and credible company offering the perfect and superior quality services for water purification and filtration from years. The company has adopted the turnkey system for giving the customers best quality result. From here, you’ll get 100% high-quality products which are the best for the water plants. Besides, the company manufactured the accessories that are required for various processes. The mineral water plant cost offered by this company is also very affordable. For getting the first-class services at the modest price, this company is the correct option.

Effective Way To Prepare Industrial Layout For Water Manufacturing Plant

Due to increasing pollution throughout the globe, there is no place left on earth where you won’t find impure water. Without an effective water treatment plant, it’s almost impossible to change this situation. Otherwise there will be a day when the future generation will be unable to survive. Don’t forget that future generation is no other than our children, and their children. They are not someone strangers, rather includes our family members. It’s our responsibility to help make this planet livable for every living organism, not just humans. The role of Water Manufacturing Plant is very important for the entire process to work out successfully.


It’s the Water Plant that treats the waste water, and in turn delivers clean and safe drinking water. The point is that, more the people get involved in doing the business related to water purification, more will be the quantity of water get cleaned, and more faster will the task of treating waste water be achieved. The government of various nations motivates the entrepreneurs and small business owners; to enter into water business industry. It’s not just a social work; rather it’s also a very profitable business. The layout of the Water Manufacturing Plant shouldn’t be designed with complexities. This will help even an engineer with least experience; and he/she can easily without any problems, operate the machinery with least supervision.


There are numerous advantages and benefits of water purification business, which shall reap you excellent profits, if you invest money in Water Plant with a proper planning and strategy. The only key point that you need to remember is that, ensure to get the layout and plant design prepared by some well experienced consultant of water industry. There are many companies out there in the market, which are involved in selling mere claims only. Beware from such companies and/or people who just claim, and are unable to deliver or are unable to practically implement. You need to be smart enough to select the right company; in order to successfully establish your own Water Manufacturing Plant.

There are various governing rules and regulations at every stage, which you need to understand before installation of the Water Purification Plant or Water Filtration Plant. You also need to understand the difference between terms like: Water Purification, Water Filtration and Water Treatment. These are all different, and functions in different ways. First you need to identify your goal i.e. what exactly are you planning. Do you plan to purify water and sell it in retail market? Do you plan to sell mere filtered water? Do you plan the packaging in bottled water or sachets? Do you plan to treat the water for further industrial use? Do you want to establish a water treatment plant for commercial or residential consumption?

Reverse Osmosis Plant ManufacturerThese are the most important points to be considered before beginning. In order to achieve success in what you are planning or looking for, you also need a proper management consultant/team who can prepare a business plan for your business. Anything without planning shall never succeed. Thus it’s advised to always plan in advance for the best and the worst; that may unfortunately take place in future. Still Confused? Then the best option is to get in touch with IIECL i.e. Indian ION Exchange & Chemicals Limited; a company of expert researchers and Water Plant Manufacturing specialists.

Clean Water: The Natural Healthy Driver Of Nature That Drives Life

Though nature is the largest Water Plant that cleans the water throughout the planet, yet the water purification system is of large importance. The first reason is clean water keeps a person healthy and fit. As far as it concerns to other living organisms on earth, only the humankind contains the most developed brain. Some people often dispute that there is no requirement for purification of water. They claim that without drinking mineral water, several other living organisms lives their life perfectly. Then why is there any need to specifically purify water for humankind only? The humankind can also be fit and healthy by drinking the naturally available water.


The naturally available water plant consists of several impurities. Those impurities affect every living organism. However it depends on type of species; as to, how much it affects to which species. Also what impurity would affect up to what level, and to which living organism; has to be considered as well. The effect of water consumed by other living organisms is never tested, except in research centers where scientists perform various experiments about effects of impure water on varieties of species. This is a wide topic to debate, and it’s essential to understand in depth; about why water purification is important for every kind of species.

Second reason is the duration of life. Every living organism on earth takes birth and dies at a particular duration. There is an average natural lifespan fixed for each organism. The lifespan of other species compared to lifespan of humankind; is less. So, it doesn’t matter the humankind whether or not what happens to other living organisms which consumes impure water. Till date humans only researched and experimented about the purification of water for their own benefits; and never cared for other species. This is one of the major reasons; why some people dispute on the grounds of their claims that naturally available water is safe to drink.

drinks production plant in China

drinking water plant in India

Who knows excluding the researchers and scientists, about what is the reaction of impure water in other species like birds, animals, bacteria, virus, and so on. The new borne diseases produce naturally because of the consumption of impure water by these other species. We humans have a well developed brain to think, but not the other species. So, we care for ourselves. For other species, it’s simply water; a liquid fluid that quenches their thirst. This is one of the major reasons why purified water is essential. To stop diseases spread from person to person, to stop new diseases from getting produced, to keep our body safe and healthy from millions of viruses and bad bacteria, and so on there are numerous reasons.

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If you are looking to enter into the business of water industry, you can buy a Mineral Water Plant for Sale. If you need a Water Plant of limited capacity for your home or office needs; then you may go with small sized or medium sized RO Water Purification Machines. They are easily available in markets. However, you need to ensure before buying a Mineral Water Plant for Sale that it meets the industry standards, and delivers the pure water after the purification takes place. You also need to ensure that post purification, the water contains essential micronutrients or not. Simply Reverse Osmosis purified water is not healthy.

Look For The Importance Of Water Plant These Days

Eating healthy food and drinking clean water are the two important rules of living a safe life. Nowadays, people do not get the free time to indulge in healthy food, and land up in oily and junk food items. It is not just giving rise to obesity, but is also hampering the working structure of the body. Your body lacks the promising vitamins and minerals, which it wants. And it might give rise to unhealthy scenario. Therefore, mineral water plant is used for making water clean and incorporate the best elements, which your body needs. Therefore, even if you are devoid of good food, healthy water can get the shape back.


Reasons To Clean Water
What are the important reasons, which have increased the use of water plant project, these days? Well, the answers are really important and can help in offering you with the best moves like always. You need to keep your water clean and free from dirt. Moreover, with the help of water plant, you can infuse water bodies with some healthy minerals, which your body needs. The products are too good to avoid and the minerals will make your body strong and lasts through some hard diseases, with ease and without facing a single glitch.

Procedures To Be Followed
There are some simple procedures used by water plant these days and help in offering you with a clean and safe water, like you have wanted. If you run a water cleaning factory, then the use of such plants might be quite important in your place. Before you plan to purchase any one of them, wait no further and get in touch with the rules, used for making this machine work well. The rules are simple and provided by only experts, in this area. You are asked to get in touch with the professionals or go through the manual available, for use.


Time For The Steps
For the first step, dirty water is collected from various water sources like pool, lakes and even ponds. The water is full of dirt and impossible to consume like that. After that, the collected water is passed through the water plant for proper clean up services. Here, the water gets filtered from the dirt and dust, and later infused with minerals, for creating the final mineral water for consumption. In case, you are willing to take help of best machines, go and check out through the available products first.

Last Steps To Jot Down
After the water is filtered, the next step is to take help of reliable professionals, who are dealing with water plant for the next packaging level. The filtered water is later packed in bottles, packages and other jugs. All the bottles are hygienically cleaned and water is stored inside and sealed to avoid contact with dirt and dust. For the first step, you are asked to take help of professionals and only reputed water planting service. Each installation is also likely to be done by the professionals and after going through the available space of the company. READ MORE

Impure Water Can Be Turned Into Pure Form Through Water Manufacturing Plant

This field of mineral water plant sounds to be a technical invention, and you are absolutely right on this point. This products can be easily defined as a revolutionary invention, which have changed the entire way, in which modernized technology is used and accomplished. It is basically defined as one of the most promising ways to purify water body and change impure water into some fresh drinking water. It might be a large machine but the services are divided under various segments. A single investment on such a machine for industrial arena, and the services will last for a longer span of time span.


Installation Solutions Are From Them
Just before the plant starts to carry on with its functionality, the companies dealing with water manufacturing plant services are now focusing more towards the reliable installation solutions. the entire project is done by none other than well-trained professionals, who are working day and night in order to provide you with the best possible service like never before. They are going to check each product separately and offer you with the best item, which can match your growing needs and some matching requirements too. just look at the important values first and leave the rest on clients.

Qualified Professionals For Your Help
All the notable professionals are likely to work on the water manufacturing plant from the core starting point, and this service is going to vary a lot, depending on the values and their notable services. Starting from the installation values to the final product, options are practically endless. Just take a look at the innovative styles and you will definitely look at the values, which are notable enough for your requirement. As these machines are used for industrial section, therefore; the sizes are also always on the higher scale. Take a look at the variation and tart working on the important features.

Now For The Procedure
There is a simple procedure, which is used by water manufacturing plant in order to change the impure water condition into the pure version. All you need to do is just get in touch with the best promising values, without making a fuss. Firstly, water is passed through the premier passage, where the counter is divided into two parts. Water passes from the first sheet, where distilled to avail fresh water. Sedimentation procedure is also used in order to pass water from the impure condition to the pure version and avail best result. Read More

Information About Bottled Water Plant Machinery

While the water bottled industry has been everywhere for quite a while, yearly used of the drink keeps on increasing. As a multi-million industry, new water bottled plants emerge all the time, using water plant machinery to meet the levels of popularity for the product. The following are couple of bits of packaging equipment basic to the water bottled industry.

Air Rinsing Technology
Bottled water is a creation that is ingested by the client. In that capacity, it is vital- now and again obliged- that the bottle producer keeps the production free from pollution. Inverting air rinses are utilized to fresh water bottles of dirt and garbage before the presentation of the water. Every cycle of bottles is recorded into the rinse region of the machine, where they are safe by bottle grabbers and modified over a rinse basin.
When transformed, jets of air are impacted into the compartments to relax dust and trash that may have collected during the generation of the bottles or in the transport or ability of the bottles. The garbage drops into the rinse basin and the prepared compartments are come back to the force transport to transfer to the filling engine. Flushing machines might similarly use water or other answer for clean bottles and custom water plant machinery is accessible for self-loader or manual methods.

bottled water plant
Over-spill Filling Technology
The Overs pill Filling Technology can be produced as a programmed, self-loader or tabletop packaging machine, in view of the generation level needed. One principle playing point of overspill filling tool is the aptitude of the machine to fill bottles to the same level, regardless of the possibility that the inside volume of the bottles differs marginally. Given that a bulk of bottled water is packaged in clear plastic compartments, the overspill filler serves to guarantee that every container shows up just as full, and helps to make the item tastefully satisfying on the rack.

water purifier plant
Labeling technologies for bottled water products can shift enormously relying upon the container and name sort being used. Programmed labeling machines exit to apply wrapping labels nearly bottles of water, from front and back marks to rectangular bottles of water or even collar marks on different exceptionally molded bottles. Programmed labelers work with force transports to apply one name to every container that goes through the machine.
Despite the fact that, the diverse sorts of bundling apparatus can really be seen in any industry underneath the right circumstances, certain particular water plant machinery are more qualified to specific commercial enterprises. Understanding the needs of your industry and your product is one of the initial phases in discovering the right bundling answer for anything. At last, the right bundling hardware will prompt expanded effectiveness and profit, absolutely influencing what really matters of the business.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Packaged Drinking Water Plants

Bottled water or packaged drinking water is unique in relation to plain faucet water in that it is purified by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, or other suitable processes. As being what is indicated, it must be labeled appropriately as purified drinking water and so forth.
Industrial-Water- Manufacturing-Plant
Some bottled water may be mineral water or spring water in that it is not faucet water but rather the water got from characteristic immaculate water sources, for example, mountain springs and groundwater. Such water is high in mineral content and it must be acquired from the base of the source where the spring structures in order to get the purest water.

At the beginning, one needs to choose what sort of bottled water purified by packaged drinking water plant you are going to bargain in. We will examine about purified drinking water in this article and not about mineral water. Most brands of bottled water as we get from the business are purified drinking water. This sort of bottled water is gotten by treating the water streaming in from a metropolitan source or a bore well into a bottled water plant using one or a greater amount of a few processes like Ozonation, distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, and bright (UV) light and so forth.
We know of the huge brands of bottled water like Bisleri yet a great many people don’t have the foggiest idea about that the bottled water industry is made out of organizations of all sizes, an endless bit of which are little provincially claimed organizations. There are various little scale units working local brands of bottled water with more units coming up consistently. Particularly in the event of India, rising earnings and lifestyles, and improving health awareness and tourism have added to significant rise in demand and use of bottled water.
RO water plant
Packaged drinking water plant and industry is as of now overwhelmed by the main five players, including Bisleri, Coca Cola, or Parle. However, this calculation is just based on the consumption patterns in metros. The enormous organizations think that its hard to enter the little non-level urban areas and towns because of poor base, therefore giving a chance to little local players to fabricate a vicinity in local markets.

A sizable part of the Indian populace is currently searching for safe consumable water. Particularly in the urban ranges, individuals are swinging to bottled water as the chosen source of drinking water while on the go.