One Good Chase Started By GHMC For Pure Drinking Water To Slum Areas

Due to rising population, many of slum persons are rising in Indian cities. The slum areas have to face many problems related to basic human being needs, for example pure water, electricity and public health. The residents of slum areas mostly work as a rickshaw puller, seasonal vendor, servants, etc. Their family income is mostly Rs.2000-3000. After this hard working life most of slum men spend their earning on homemade illegal liquor. On the other side women of these slum areas used to do prostitution to full fill their basic requirements.

mineral water plant project costAround 624695 people live in slums area of Hyderabad. The GHMC is trying to solve all their problems on priority basis. As, they have started their work with the basic needs such as water supply. Inhabitants of this area do not have appropriate water facilities nor do the hand pumps work well. They generally drink polluted water and fall sick.

bottled water plant

The GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) is trying their best to make all essential actions to provide them mineral water supplied by water plant to the poor zones in its jurisdiction. Same side Gov. has assigned Rs.585 crore for development of water supply in Hyderabad.

The GHMC has by this time carefully chosen 40 regions for this project and they are aiming in the direction of starting of at least 1500-1600 bottling water plants across 1480 slum areas in the territory of GHMC.

bottle water plantThe major areas which are not able to get the water through pipelines are going to mostly advantaged through this development. In upcoming days, GHMC is trying to begin all the 1500-1600 plants. The RO Water Treatment plant or Bottling Water Plant is going to be launched in every region.

water purifier plant cost in indiaTo help more to this area GHMC authorities are arranging to give the management duties of these plants to the unemployed people. With this idea they are aiming to satisfy unemployed people’s need too. Except these 1500-1600 areas, the remaining areas of slum will also get this kind of plant in sort time as they will list out remaining areas as soon as possible.